Utility of Nothing

What are you doing?"`,`"oh, nothing”. it wasn’t nothing it’s not something important or interesting for me to tell them, they are looking to gain something.

Utility in the context of this post is a philosophical value that looks at how important something is by the value of its effects/use often is the pleasure that is measured or gained by the subject. Of course in the situation they are doing something, but what is its utility? Clearly not important nor useful to tell someone else.

This article’s focus is “the wasted time”. Everyone lives their life always doing something and if you scrutinize every action or possibility there will always be an option or action that provides the most utility. From this then it can go the opposite. So to have the best life you should always take the optimal option(while easier for me to look back at my action and opportunities than do the best at the moment) but often that means you cant do nothing. Nothing = wasted time right? On the surface value, yes but let’s look deeper Most things are good in moderation. This applies to doing no activity(nothing).

For me, I fixate on choosing and taking any opportunities I can if that be a scholarship for a sport or ditching class to go to a party, it’s a cycle to live some sort of life. But there are issues, not everything is good, I have stopped that sport because of internal factors and didn’t stay at that party and subsequently went home after 2 hours.

You need time to relax and not burn out in life. No matter the issues with this supposed Chinese proverb “it’s not a bowl if it’s full”. So the utility of nothing is reducing burnout, stopping the endless cycle to one-up your experiences, and provides a place for time and emotions to catch up (no matter how you want to run from them). This gives it value and merit so use it, I know I need to.

A text pings their phone “Let’s go out tonight”. It’s not the night, last week for them has been a bender, it’s tiring, and it’s affecting everything else in their life. “Not tonight, I think I will just chill and do nothing”.

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