Has Game Specificity in Aim Training Gone Too Far

The range and applicability of generalized training are definitely not well explained enough because still so many people are getting sucked into the idea that the only applicable training is the training done with a full emulation of the game to train for. Too game-specific.

There are more than just patterns in games. Every game, every interaction is different no matter what game. It’s training in a bubble. Not to say that training generalized improves a range of things and each specific aspect benefits and influences each other. It is all an adaption of different situations with greater proficiency of mouse control. Aiming is reading a situational understanding how everything is moving and how to move your crosshair optimally. The best thing to show this is tracking it’s not a fixed movement. It’s rather a constant set of adjustments in speed and direction to stay on target and adjust for personal movement and enemy movement.

But how does that transfer? It does by your learning and identifying how to adapt your aim and the skills that you have learned to that situation. Not to say that you’re future-proofing your skills and abilities to whatever situation.

Side point: recoil

Recoil is one of these game-specific aspects that people want to train with but it’s still just aim but you are adapting and offsetting your crosshair to that recoil pattern not training the mixture of the two.

So for Aim Lab and people to obsess over the direct application rather than the improvement of general useful skills plus learning how to adapt and read the specific game to fully utilize initially indirect training.

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