The Issue with Forcing a Mouse Grip

While you can theorise about certain mouse grips and their range of movement and stability as well as they can affect aim but for a lot of the time, you can’t really just change or force a certain grip because it suits your style on paper.

Example: Large mouse, small hand, there is no way to fingertip it forces your fingers to remain straight. Bit of an extreme but it still proves it. So how do you change mouse grips you ask. Well, it’s the size and shape of the mouse relative to the size of your hand and how it interacts with it. Which is very hard to figure out theoretically as mouse shapes and development happen so quickly. But a method can be figured out. Pain or discomfort does not do well for performance.

Another thing to add to this is the statements around the so-called “god grips” for a specific mouse. It’s just the same reasoning and everyone has different sized hands and every part of the hand and the requirements for different situations change. This again leads to another point I want to talk about that being that a dynamic grip is a good grip because some situations don’t require vertical often so you can afford to lose that ROM and take more stability. For example: like longer range fights you can stabilize with the base of your palm cause of the reduced angles

Then as well the really close range the small movements don’t matter. On top, your hand grows and changes with time so locking yourself in will only hinder your development and adaption to that change.

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