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  • This project is deprecated and no longer maintained as of August 2021, some information may be missing and will not be updated but if you want to manage and maintain this list or port it to another format or website please contact me at [email protected] and I will be happy to help out. For good Kovaak specific playlists see ridd’s kovaaks-playlists Github repo


Voltaic's Aim JourneyAll about aim theory and basics to aim training. a really good place to start for new peopleVoltaic/Sini
Voltaic Advice FAQCommon questions and answers from sparky advice channel
Voltaic BenchmarksThe best way to test and measure improvement
Mindset and attitudeSimple resources to help with improving your mindset and attitude to get the most out of training and perform
Strafe Aiming 101Theory of strafe aiming also includes routinesAimer7
Aimer7's Original Aim Workout/ GuideVery much outdated for the routines but the theory is good
Aim Coaching 101All about what aim coaching is and why its bad and good. start here if you want aim coachingAnima
Mouse Sensitivity 101All about sensitivities and the benefits and downsides of different sens as well as how to choose a range to play in
Aim Improvement GuideSimple improvement techniquesCoach Bitey
Aimbot.EXE GuideKinda outdated but still good for low level people as a beginner guideAimbot.exe
Plateaus by krascsiWhat plateaus are and how to overcome them when trainingkrascsi
Aim Training SchedulingA guide on when and how long to aim train for maximum efficiencyProsper
Aim training guide by FallenGreat introductory document about the basics of aim training and some simple starting resourceFallen
Beginner's Guide to Aim Lab benchmarksrevosect
revosect's Aim Lab Benchmarks
Aim Training Experiments, General Information and RoutinesA document packed full of good aim training theory, techniques, tips and even some really good routinessdk


Voltaic Fundamental aim routines 2.0The best basic routine with the benchmarks built in. My recommendation for a simple routine for all levelsVoltaic
Voltaic recommended scenariosGood basis to make a personalized routine and find new scenarios
Tammas' Routine AddendumUpdated Aimer7s routine to remove outdate scenarios and with newer techniques and progressionTammas
Zeeq's Advanced PlaylistsReally good clicking routines for advanced playersZeeq
sdk's Routines and general guidesA lot of good scenarios and you can find some golden routines and includes specific routines like: Reactivity, CPS training, Speed, Ult smoothness and some good aim theorysdk
7 day overkill routine for grindersFor advanced. Each day is 2+ hours and covers almost all raw aiming aspects.Cowser
Laizirz's RoutineA routine for experienced aimers or future crackheads. just a simple complete routine with some good unknown scenariosLaizirz
Routine Generator SheetCreates a new routine everydayFallen, Daan
Krascsi's Kovaak's playlistsCovering most aiming styles/problems players might have. The names of playlists should speak for themselves, like what they are forKrascsi
wA Playlist CompilationA List of Individual .plo/ .json (playlist) files for Kovaaks includes some of the routines on this listwow Aims
Collection of playlists for KovaaksAnother Collection of .json files for playlists for a lot of resources in this list for kovaak's inbuilt playlist featureridd
Lapu4's PlaylistsA collection of 7 different playlist files created by lapu4 with a focus on static targetsLapu4


PureRoutinesThree amazing routines at the moment; PureSmoothness and PureSmoothness 1by1, Target switching, Movement and a game specific routine for Fortnite as well as some good advice for issue specific scenariosPureG and many contributors
Pure Apex RoutineA fantastic new routine using 1b1 method and a great set of specifically made scenarios for a hard training routine for Apex Legends but it maybe too hard for new players
Voltaic Game Specific aim trainingMany game specific routines which include: CS/Val, Fortnite, AFPS, R6, Hyperscape, Apex, LG 1v1(AFPS), COD: WarzoneVoltaic
Voltaic Issue specific aim training 2.0A more updated and natural issue specific set of routines with two levels of difficulty. Routines: Smoothness and Precision, Static Target Acquisition, Speed, Reactivity
Fusha's cs/val RoutinesBasic but good cs/ val routine with warmupFusha
Diabotical/Quake RoutineCovers everything you need for diabotical and all afps aiming needsAnima
Cowser Low TTK routineFor low ttk games (Valorant, csgo, COD and ect.)cowsur
xen0's Hyperscape routineReal quick and simple routine for the new hyperscape gamexen0
Valorant routine for G2 PythA valorant playlist made by Zeeq for G2 PythZeeq
sdk's Hyperscape routineGood hyperscape routine with applied scenariossdk
Tunez's Aimgod CS/ValGood routine for cs/val for aimbeast aim trainerTunez
Fallen's Fortnite GuideSimple Fortnite specific routine with 2 tiers and information around aim trainer settingsFallen
Fallen's Tac FPS RoutineSimple cs/ val routine with 2 tiers
Chiri's OW Tracer RoutineGame specific routine for Overwatch Tracer by a God tracer playerChiriseong, Mana
steadegy Valorant RoutineSimple Valorant specific routine with 2 tiers of difficultysteadegy
drekes4's Fortnite KovaaKs scenarios V1A collection of recommended scenarios for Fortnite with tiers and categoriesdrekes4
Aim Training by DrUninstallA set of game specific advice and KovaaKs routines for Warzone/COD, a complete playlist, tacfps and FortniteDrUninstall
rA x Strahfe Warzone Routinerevosect, Strahfe


How to: x seriesA good series covering major aiming categories & scenarios and their techniques, how to improve and perform well with themChristmasIsCancelled
Which aim trainer is the bestUnderstand what each aim trainer offers.Prosper
Properly Using KovaaK's to Improve seriesA good and basic series introduction into aiming and kovaaks concepts with videos including(Setting up Kovaaks, Training Properly, Benchmarks and Routines, Sensitivities)DragonAims
Gaming and Aiming Explained SeriesSeries of small videos explaining the basics of everything aiming and gaming related There are not many videos but there are many in the works with 1 or 2 a week being releasedAnima
Stop Losing Fights: How to Apply Aim Training to FPS GamesAn indepth video on why and how to apply aim training to real games and why there is a differenceriddBTW
bardOZ's Static Aiming GuideCreated by the top static player. A great explaination and guide to tips, tricks and techniques to do the best with everything static and one-shotablebardOZ


Wrist stretch and posture guideImportant to keep your health and stretches good when aiming and gamingKastor
Benchmark score tracking sheetA semi-automated script to record and track how close you are to the voltaic scoresVoltaic
Auto Progress Update Tool for BenchmarksA fully automated Script to import your kovaaks scores for the voltaic benchmarks to the above tracking sheet in real time
Health and improvement routinesDaily and life style routine to improve health and improvement
Voltaic DiscordHelpful discord with advice and coaching and benchmark ranking system
revosect DiscordHelpful discord with many resources and a benchmark ranking systemrevosect
Mousepad MastersheetBig sheet for all about mousepad speed, durabilities and recommendationsHoya
FPSMath discord botA Discord bot designed to convert video game sensitivities, fovs, mouse feel across themselves and preset gamesAnima
Lapu4's LibraryLapu4's routines, playlists, other resources, documents, links to useful websites and videos, etc. are all in one place. Primarily for Japanese speakers but has also been translated.Lapu4
Pumpkin's Routine FinderA website to find and upload KovaaK specific playlist filesPumpkin

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